Traffic Flow on Lake Burley Griffin

Traffic Flow Guide

General Principles

  • In general boats must stay close to the shore line with the bank on their starboard side.
  • Always go counter clockwise.
  • Boats can use other lines with caution.

Give Way

  • Overtaking vessel has a legal obligation to keep clear.
  • Give way to boats on your starboard side.
  • Powered vessels give way to all vessels. Human powered vessel give way to all sailing vessels.

Approved Events

  • May implement competition rules which may vary slightly to this guide.

Minimum Lighting Recommendations

  • Motor Boats should have port and starboard lighting and white light visible from 360°.
  • Paddlers/Rowers should have solid white lights at bow and stern or a flashing white light visible from 360°.
  • Lights should be visible from 1500m in clear conditions.

Traffic Flow Map

Starting at Scrivener Dam, keep to your right along Weston Park West. At Kurrajong Point, crews crossing to Black Montain Peninsula must give way. Also, boats proceeding from Kurrajon Point must give way to traffic traveling north along Tarcoola Reach.

Proceed along Weston Park East towards Yarralumla Bay, give way if crossing towards West Lake, otherwise continue along to Attunga Point, Stirling Ridge and under Commonwealth Avenue Bridge.

Keep to your right whist on Central Basin in the direction of Kings Avenue Bridge. Stay on your right along East Basin, as this is an area of multiple uses and cross traffic.

Turn around at Kingston Harbour. Keep to you right and proceed by going under Kings Avenue Bridge. Stay right whist on Central Basin.

Proceed with caution along West Basin and around Museum Point. This is an area of merging traffic. Traffic from Spring Bank Island must observe caution moving to the shore.

Continue straight ahead towards Black Mountain Peninsula or turn right towards Spring Bank Island. If you choose to go around Spring Bank Island, keep to you right as traffic goes in both directions.

Give way to traffic coming from West Lake and continue along Black Mountain Peninsula towards Kurrajong Point. Stay on your right and use lane 1.

Finish at Scrivener Dam.


Kurrajong Point

  • Crews crossing to Black Mountain Peninsula must give way.
  • Boats proceeding from Kurrajong Point to GIVE WAY to traffic traveling North along Tarcoola Reach.

Rowing Course

  • NO ROWING in lane 2.
  • Boats proceeding to Start/Scrivener Dam: row in lane 1, following course traffic guideline; coaching boats to minimize wash.
  • Slower boats travelling to Scrivener Dam must give way to faster boats.
  • Lanes 3-7 Traffic moving from start to finish. Powerboats permitted to keep pace with crews doing workloads in this direction.
  • Boats passing behind the finish line area need to GIVE WAY to boats coming down course.
  • Stationary boats on the rowing course must give way.
  • Boats must travel down the course (away from Government House) in lanes 3-7 only. At no time should boats travel in lane 2 unless doing work and accompanied by a coaching boat.

Black Mountain Peninsula

  • Area of merging traffic, keep to your starboard side.

Museum Point

  • Area of extreme caution; merging traffic, keep to your starboard side.
  • Traffic from Springbank Island must observe caution moving to the shore.

West Basin

  • Area of multiple uses, take care when entering.

East Basin

  • Keep well to your Starboard side. Powerboats to minimize wash
  • Area of multiple uses, take care when entering.
  • Crossing traffic.

Emergecny Contacts

ACT Water Policy: 6256 7777 or 000

National Capital Authority: 6271 2888