Old Parliament House Gardens

The Rex Hazlewood Rose Garden


This rose garden is the largest of the Old Parliament House Rose Gardens and the first to be planted in 1931. The rose garden was designed by Rex Hazlewood as the result of a meeting between Robert Broinowski (Secretary of the Joint House Department and Usher of the Black Rod) and representatives of the National Rose Society of New South Wales.

Hazlewood was a man of wide-ranging interests. A self-taught professional photographer, he served in Europe during World War I. While on leave in England , he spent time studying the English landscape. In the 1920s, he became interested in landscape design and eventually gave up photography to work for his brothers at Hazlewood Brothers Rose and Tree Specialists in Epping, Sydney.

Short of funds, Broinowski devised a scheme for Australians to contribute roses for the parliamentary gardens. Donations were received from staff of the House of Representatives, Senate, Parliamentary Library and Joint House Department, together with parliamentary press reporters. Signs were erected to recognise the many organisations and individuals who had donated roses. It is thought that the English cricket team, visiting Canberra in 1933, also contributed roses.

Roses and Design

The Rex Hazlewood Rose Garden has been reconstructed to its original 1931 layout and portrays the international history of rose cultivation. There are more than 40,000 roses registered internationally. This rose garden is a representative display of the extensive hybridisation which has taken place globally over centuries.

The western half of the Rex Hazlewood Rose Garden includes early European rose varieties and hybrids of rose species native to southern Europe and the eastern Mediterranean . These include the Gallica, Damask and Alba roses grown since ancient times, the sixteenth century Centifolia roses and the later Moss and Portland roses.

The early Asiatic roses are located in the eastern half of the Garden and include the China roses bred in China before their arrival in Europe during the eighteenth century. Those roses derived from rose species native to China represented in the collection include the Tea, Noisette, Bourbon and Rugosa roses (from northern Japan and Siberia ), Hybrid musk and Polyantha roses.

ast meets West at the central beds of the Garden, with the culmination of cross-breeding resulting in the Hybrid Tea and Floribunda roses. Those roses grown by internationally renowned Australian rose breeder, Alister Clark, are planted at the centre of the Garden. Clark 's roses were bred for Australian conditions.

Roses in this Garden

  • Alister Clark Rose Garden in the Rex Hazlewood Rose Garden
    • Australia Felix
    • Borderer
    • Cicely Lascelles
    • Countess of Stradbroke
    • Day Dream
    • Fairlie Rede
    • Gwen Nash
    • Jessie Clark
    • Lady Huntingfield
    • Lady Mann
    • Lorraine Lee
    • Madge Taylor
    • Marjory Palmer
    • Mary Guthrie
    • Mrs. Albert Nash
    • Mrs. Alston's Rose
    • Mrs. Fred Danks
    • Queen of Hearts
    • Restless
    • Ringlet
    • Scorcher
    • Squatter's Dream
    • Suitor
    • Sunlit
    • Sunny South
    • Tonner's Fanc
  • Rex Hazlewood Rose Garden in the Senate Garden
    • Aglaia
    • Alba Maxima
    • Alba Semi-plena
    • Alfred de Dalmas
    • Amélia
    • Anne-Marie de Montravel
    • Archiduc Joseph
    • Augustine Guinoiseau
    • Autumn Delight
    • Autumnalis
    • Awakening
    • Baby Alberic
    • Ballerina
    • Baltimore Belle
    • Baronne Henriette de Snoy
    • Belle Amour
    • Belle Poitevine
    • Blanc Double de Coubert
    • Blanc Pur
    • Bloomfield Abundance
    • Blush Noisette
    • Bon Silène
    • Botzaris
    • Boule de Neige
    • Bourbon Queen
    • Buff Beauty
    • Bullata
    • Camellia Rose
    • Canary Bird
    • Cantabrigiensis
    • Cardinal de Richelieu
    • Catherine Mermet
    • Céleste
    • Céline Forestier
    • Celsiana
    • Champneys' Pink Cluster
    • Chapeau de Napoléon
    • Charles de Mills
    • Chloris
    • Claire Jacquier
    • Cloth of Gold
    • Comte de Chambord
    • Comtesse du Cayla
    • Cornelia
    • Cramoisi Supérieur
    • Crépuscule
    • Crested Jewel
    • Crimson Glory
    • Dainty Bess
    • Dame Edith Helen
    • Debutante
    • Dr Grill
    • Duchess of Portland
    • Duchesse d' Angoulême
    • Duchesse de Montebello
    • Elizabeth Arden
    • Else Poulsen
    • Empress Joséphine
    • Erfurt
    • Étoile de Hollande
    • Étoile de Hollande, Climbing
    • Étoile de Lyon
    • Excellenz von Schubert
    • F. J. Grootendorst
    • Fantin-Latour
    • Felicia
    • Félicité Parmentier
    • Fellemberg
    • Fimbriata
    • Francesca
    • Francis Dubreuil
    • Francis E. Lester
    • Frau Karl Druschki
    • Freiherr von Marschall
    • Fritz Nobis
    • Fru Dagmar Hartopp
    • Frühlingsgold ®
    • Général Galliéni
    • Général Kléber
    • Général Schablikine
    • Geranium
    • Gipsy Boy
    • Gloire de Guilan
    • Gloire des Mousseuses
    • Gloire Lyonnaise
    • Gloria Mundi
    • Golden Dawn
    • Grace Darling
    • Great Maiden's Blush
    • Gruss an Aachen
    • Guinée
    • Hansa
    • Hébé's Lip
    • Hermosa
    • Homère
    • Honorine de Brabant
    • Hugo Roller
    • Hume's Blush Tea-scented China
    • Irène Watts
    • Isabella Sprunt
    • Ispahan
    • Jacques Cartier
    • James Veitch
    • Jean Ducher
    • John Hopper
    • Juno
    • Kazanlik
    • Königin von Dänemark
    • L' Ouche
    • La France
    • La Noblesse
    • La Reine Victoria
    • La Ville de Bruxelles
    • Lady Hillingdon
    • Lady Penzance
    • Lady Roberts
    • Le Vésuve
    • Léda
    • Léonie Lamesch
    • Little White Pet
    • Lord Penzance
    • Louise Odier
    • Marchioness of Salisbury
    • Marie Louise
    • Marie Pavié
    • Marie-Jeanne
    • Mary Queen of Scots
    • Miss Edith Cavell
    • Mme de la Rôche-Lambert
    • Mme. Alfred Carrière
    • Mme. Berkeley
    • Mme. Ernst Calvat
    • Mme. Grégoire Staechelin
    • Mme. Hardy
    • Mme. Isaac Pereire
    • Mme. Lauriol de Barny
    • Mme. Legras de St. Germain
    • Mme. Louis Lévêque
    • Mme. Pierre Oger
    • Mme. Plantier
    • Mme. Zöetmans
    • Moonlight
    • Morletti
    • Mousseux du Japon
    • Mrs. B.R. Cant
    • Mrs. Foley Hobbs
    • Mrs. Herbert Stevens, Climbing
    • Mrs. John Laing
    • Mrs. Oakley Fisher
    • Mrs. Sam McGredy
    • Mutabilis
    • Narrow Water
    • Nathalie Nypels
    • Nevada
    • New Dawn
    • Niphetos
    • Nuits de Young
    • Old Blush
    • Omar Khayyám
    • Ophelia
    • Papa Hémeray
    • Parks' Yellow Tea-scented China
    • Paul Neyron
    • Pax
    • Penelope
    • Pergolèse
    • Perle d'Or
    • Petite de Hollande
    • Petite Lisette
    • Pinkie
    • Pompon Blanc Parfait
    • Prolifera de Redouté
    • Prosperity
    • Quatre Saisons
    • R. centifolia
    • R. centifolia alba
    • R. centifolia muscosa
    • R. centifolia parvifolia
    • R. centifolia variegata
    • R. eglanteria
    • R. farreri persetosa
    • R. foetida bicolor
    • R. gallica complicata
    • R. gallica officinalis
    • R. gallica versicolour
    • R. glauca
    • R. moschata
    • R. multiflora platyphylla
    • R. pomifera duplex
    • R. primula
    • R. rugosa alba
    • R. spinoisissima altaica
    • R. virginiana
    • R. wichuraiana
    • R. x dupontii
    • Reine des Centfeuiles
    • Rembrandt
    • Rêve d' Or
    • Robert le Diable
    • Rose de Meaux
    • Rose de Rescht
    • Rose du Roi
    • Rose du Roi à Fleurs Pourpres
    • Rose Edouard
    • Roseraie de l' Haÿ
    • Safrano
    • Sarah van Fleet
    • Schneezwerg
    • Shot Silk, Climbing
    • Single Cherry
    • Slater's Crimson China
    • Snowflake
    • Soleil D'Or
    • Sophie's Perpetual
    • Soupert et Notting
    • Souvenir de la Malmaison
    • Spectabilis
    • Spong
    • Stanwell Perpetual
    • Talisman
    • The Bishop
    • The Bride
    • The Fairy
    • Thisbe
    • Tour de Malakoff
    • Trier ®
    • Tuscany
    • Tuscany Superb
    • Village Maid
    • White Cécile Brünner
    • White Ensign
    • White Maman Cochet
    • William III
    • William Lobb
    • Zéphirine Drouhin
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