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Anzac Parade - Anzac Parade Walking Tour Podcast Print E-mail
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Anzac Parade
Anzac Parade Walking Tour Podcast
Australian Hellenic Memorial
Australian Army National Memorial
Australian National Korean War Memorial
Australian Vietnam Forces National Memorial
Desert Mounted Corps Memorial
New Zealand Memorial
Rats of Tobruk Memorial
Royal Australian Air Force Memorial
Australian Service Nurses National Memorial
Royal Australian Navy Memorial
Kemal Ataturk Memorial
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Anzac Parade Walking Tour Podcast

Experience the national capital's major ceremonial way with the Anzac Parade Walking Tour Podcast.

Choose between the full tour or downloads of individual memorials. Create your own tour of memorials of personal interest.

Discover the symbolism and stories behind the memorials that line Anzac Parade, including information provided by veterans involved in selected conflicts.
The full takes approximately one hour including walking time.

Available downloads

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