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Kemal Ataturk Memorial

The Kemal Ataturk Memorial was dedicated on 25 April 1985, the 70th anniversary of the Gallipoli landing. The Memorial honours Kemal Ataturk, commander of Turkish forces at Gallipoli and later the first president of modern Turkey, as well as the heroism and sacrifice of both the Anzac and Turkish troops who took part in the campaign.

The Memorial consists of a crescent-shaped wall and five pillars which reflect the crescent and star of the Turkish flag. On the pillars are a series of interpretive panels outlining the Gallipoli campaign and the role of Ataturk.

Centrally located on the wall is a bronze likeness of Ataturk by Turkish sculptor Huzeyin Gezer, a gift of the Turkish government. The inscription beneath – Ataturk’s own words – pays warm tribute to the Anzacs and reflects his understanding of the awful cost of war.

Soil from Anzac Cove at Gallipoli was placed beneath the dedication plaque in the centre of the circular pavement. Surrounding the Memorial are pine trees - Pinus halepensis - grown from seed collected from the Gallipoli 'lone pine'.

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