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Australian Service Nurses National Memorial

The Australian Service Nurses National Memorial honours past and present Australian Service nurses. Since the time of the South African War, nurses have served by caring for the sick and wounded in every conflict to which Australia has committed troops.

This memorial, designed by Robin Moorhouse in conjunction with MonuMental Design and Australian nursing associations, is made of cast glass. Etched and cast into the inner glass walls are text and images, in a timeline sequence, portraying the history and contribution of Australian Service Nursing. The memorial also includes a collage of historical photographs and extracts from diaries and letters, in the original handwriting.

Some panels are blank. This is intentional, reminding visitors of the inconclusive nature of any memorial to an ongoing Service group. The memorial is distinctly horizontal and the form of the interlocking glass walls represents nurturing hands, symbolic of nursing. A contemplative space surrounded with rosemary for remembrance completes the memorial.

Among values reflected in the memorial are those of human dignity and worth, dedication in bringing succour and care, commitment beyond self, courage, companionship and fortitude.

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