About the NCA

The National Capital Authority (NCA) is established under the Australian Capital Territory (Planning and Land Management) Act 1988.
The NCA performs a special role as the trustee of the National Capital and in this capacity serves the interests of the Australian Government, the nation and its people.

A summary of what the NCA staff and Authority do each day can be found under our roles and responsibilities. The linkages between applicable legislation and our functions and powers is summarised here.

The NCA staff and the Authority are dedicated to our Vision, Mission and Goals.

The NCA's governance framework includes the Authority, Executive Briefing, Audit Committee, Remuneration Board, Health and Safety Committee and an employee consultative committee.

Further information about the NCA, the Authority and corporate documentation can be found below.

Organisation at a glance

Information on the NCA's structure and organisation.


The Authority of the NCA is the primary decision-making body and provides the NCA's strategic direction.

Corporate information

Information on procurement and contracts, legal expenditure and Annual Regulatory Plan.