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2.2 Designated Area 'Main Avenues and Approach Routes' Print Write e-mail

The areas identified at Figure 18 are specified as Designated Areas under the provision of Section 10.(1) of the Australian Capital Territory (Planning and Land Management) Act 1988.

The objective for planning and development is to establish and enhance the identity of the approaches to the Central National Area as roads of national significance and, where relevant, as frontage roads for buildings which enhance the National Capital function and as corridors for a possible future inter-town public transport system.

This will be achieved by ensuring that works within the reservations are carried out to the highest standards, by maintaining and enhancing landscaping, and by facilitating the flow of traffic as far as may be possible in consistency with this principle.

Detailed Conditions of Planning, Design and Development

i. Road pavements, medians, footpaths and verges will be developed to consistently high standards. Signs will generally comprise traffic, directional and visitor information signs, and unnecessary repetition will be avoided. Commercial roadside signs, are not permitted in road reservations, except on bus shelters. Non-commercial signs may be permitted where they comply with the Design and Siting Conditions for signs as set out in Appendix H

ii. The Main Avenues and Approach Routes will be developed and maintained as high quality landscaped corridors. In built-up areas, the established design theme of irrigated grass verges and medians and formal tree plantings will be maintained. In areas of intensive pedestrian use, high quality paving is to be used. The Authority will prepare landscape plans for Approach Routes beyond the built-up areas.

iii. Traffic is to be managed to ensure the continued effective function of the Main Avenues and Approach Routes. The Main Avenues will provide access to fronting buildings where practicable, and where traffic safety and flows are not adversely affected.

iv. As soon as practicable after the coming into operation of this Plan, all road and landscaping maintenance is to be programmed and scheduled in accordance with a Management Plan approved by the NCPA, which will set the standards for maintaining medians and verges, including landscaping, lighting and street furniture. Pending the preparation of the Management Plan, maintenance works shall be the subject of liaison with the Authority, and the Authority will identify those works or classes of work which require more formal approval.

v. Development within the Federal Highway Approach Route from its intersection with Stirling Avenue to the ACT border is to comply with the detailed conditions at Appendix X.

Click here to download the 2.3 Special Requirements for Main Avenues

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