January 2016

Wednesday 6 January 2016, 12.30 – 1.20pm

Senior Carillonist: Astrid Bowler

It's Holiday Time

For Epiphany

We Three Kings of Orient Are - J.H. Hopkins - arr. A. Gerken

Variations on a Nursery Song - H. Herzog
Vader Jakob - Dutch Folksong - arr. W. Franken

From ‘Album for the Young’ – R. Schumann - arr. W. Franken
  • Soldier’s March
  • Little Piece
  • The Poor Orphan
  • The Wild Rider
  • The Merry Peasant
  • Sicilienne
  • First Loss
  • Sailors’ Song

Old King Cole - arr. A. Bowler
The Miller of Dee - arr. A. Bowler
The Teddy Bears’ Picnic - J.W. Bratton - arr. A. Bowler

Evening Prayer (from ‘Hansel and Gretel’) - E. Humperdinck - arr. A. Bowler

From the Music Hall - arr. A. Bowler
Daddy Wouldn’t Buy me a Bow-Wow - J. Tabrer
My Old Dutch - C. Ingle
A Bird in a Gilded Cage - H. von Tilzer 


Sunday 10 January 2016, 12.30 – 1.20pm

Senior Carillonist: Thomas Laue

Fun on the Island

Lay Out the Mat

Preludio No. 1 – M. Vanden Gheyn

Do Four Dances

Love Waltz – U. Neumann – arr. A.K. Christiansen
Waltz Op. 39 no. 15 – J. Brahms – arr. L.'t Hart
Slow Dance – R.H. Johnson
The very last waltz – K.N. Andersen

Fun with The Little Ones

Funny Doves – Russian Children's Songarr. J. Haazen
Day-DreamsP.I. Tchaikovskyarr. J. Haazen
Walking on Clouds - A Song for Amnesty – G. D'hollander
Andante Grazioso – W.A. Mozart – arr. J. Haazen
Sequences (improvisation) – T.P. Laue

Wrapping Up

Toccata Festevole – J. Courter


Wednesday 13 January 2016, 12.30 – 1.20pm

Carillonist: Anna Wong

Summertime Frolics

Oleanders – J. Haazen
A Little Song Op.27 No.1 – D. Kabalevsky - arr. L. Fuller
Romanca d’Espanga – A. Cano – arr. H. Hielscher
Prelude (from Suite I for Unaccompanied Cello) – J.S. Bach – arr. A. Gerken
Spring Morning and Melody (from Ludos Modalis) – G. D’hollander
Musical Clock Pieces (Set II - A Selection) – G.F. Handel
Prelude for Carillon – A. Gerken
Two Estudios for Guitar – F. Sor – arr. R. Barnes
Lake Music – T. Vaughan
A Whimsy – R. Barnes

Sunday 17 January 2016, 12.30 – 1.20pm

Senior Carillonist: Thomas Laue

Beautiful Colours


Prelude No. 10 – M. Vanden Gheyn

Tone Colours

Campanopedie – P. Beullens
Rustic Landscape – J. Pozdro
Arabesque – E. Allard

Oriental Scales

Kōjō no Tsuki – Japanese Folksong – arr. J. Haazen
The Waves on the Lake Hong Hu – Z. Jin-an & O. Qian Shu – arr. J. Haazen

Take Out The Guitar

Kinkachoo, I love you – P. Houghton
Leyenda – I. Albéniz – arr. A. Gerken


Reflection (in Bartok Style) – G. D'hollander
Melody – G. D’hollander
Dreaming (in Ravel Style) – G. D'hollander

Links to A Grand Ending – improvisation by T.P. Laue

Wednesday 20 January 2016, 12.30 – 1.20pm

Senior Carillonist: Astrid Bowler

A Lazy Summer Afternoon

Summer Song – T. Vaughan

Excerpts from 'The Fairy Queen' - H. Purcell - arr. R. Barnes

Rondeau – Hornpipe
Echo – Here’s the Summer

Selections from ‘Water Music’ - G.F. Handel - arr. A. Bowler
  • Air
  • Bourree
  • Minuet
  • Minuet
  • Hornpipe

Siciliano - J.S.Bach - arr. A. Bowler
Summertime (from ‘Porgy and Bess)’ - G. Gershwin - arr. A. Bowler

Sounds of Spain - arr. A Bowler

Andaluza - E.Granados
Malaguena - I. Albeniz
Leyenda - I. Albeniz

Campanella - G.Clement

Sunday 24 January 2016, 12.30 – 1.20pm

Senior Carillonist: Thomas Laue

Music for The Family

Sleeping Infant

A Little Lullaby – R. Schumann – arr. E. Vitu

Youthful Flourishes

Polly Wolly Doodle – American folksong – arr. T. P. Laue
Red Dragonfly – Japanese children's song – arr. J. Haazen
Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy – P.I. Tchaikovsky – arr. E. Sadina
Four Flourishes: No. 2 & 4 – G. D’hollander

Celebrating Life

A Sweet soft samba – G. D’hollander
Moonlight Serenade – G. Miller – arr. J. Lerinckx
Triumphant March – G. D'hollander
An improvisation on a lively melody – T.P. Laue
Titanic theme song – J. Horner


If – D. Gates – arr. G.C. White

AUSTRALIA DAY: Tuesday 26 January 2016, 12.30 – 1.20pm

Carillonist: Leonard Weiss

Celebrating Australia

Welcome to Country

We acknowledge the Ngunnawal people as the traditional custodians of the Canberra
Region, and pay respects to their elders, past and present.

You’re The Voice – A. Qunta, K. Reid, M. Ryder, C. Thompson.

Contemporary Australia

Reflective Vibrations – M. Hansson
Porshore Remembered – J. Coyle

Variations on Australian Folk Song

Waltzing Matilda – B. Paterson – arr. L. Weiss
Botany Bay – W. Lutz – arr. L. Weiss

Music by The Lake
Porshore Remembered – J. Coyle
  • The Echoes of War
  • The Agony of War
  • The Bells of War

Commissioned for the 2014 World Carillon Federation in commemoration of WWI

Lake Music – T. Vaughan
Commissioned for the inauguration of the National Carillon in 1970

The Bells of Nyx – L. Weiss
Awarded First Place and the Canberra Audience Choice Prize in the Carillon Society of Australia’s Carillon Composition Competition

Australia in Popular Culture

And the Band Played Waltzing Matilda – E. Bogle – arr. L. Weiss
I Still Call Australia Home – P. Allen

Wednesday 27 January 2016, 12.30 – 1.20pm

Senior Carillonist: Astrid Bowler

Happy Birthday Mozart

Menuet (from “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”) - arr. M. Lewkowitz
Romance (from “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik”) - arr. A. Bowler
Give Me your Hand (from “Don Giovanni”) - arr. L.‘t Hart

From "The Magic Flute"

Polly Wolly Doodle – American folksong – arr. T. P. Laue
Red Dragonfly – Japanese children's song – arr. J. Haazen
Dance of the Sugar-Plum Fairy – P.I. Tchaikovsky – arr. E. Sadina
Four Flourishes: No. 2 & 4 – G. D’hollander

Celebrating Life

Ring Sweet Bells So Merrily - arr. P. Price
What a Lovely Sound - arr. J. Knox
The Birdcatcher’s Son - arr. J. Knox
A Girlfriend or a Little Wife - arr. L.’t Hart
Queen of the Night Aria – arr. B. Wimsemius

Adagio for Glass Harmonica K356 - arr. J. Courter
Menuet and Trio K229 - arr. J.R. Knox
Four German Dances K602 - arr. R. Barnes
Ave Verum - arr. A. Bowler


Sunday 31 January 2016, 12.30 – 1.20pm

Lead Carillonist: Lyn Fuller

A Summer Holiday Romance

Why feels my heart so dormant 1788 opera L'amor Contrastato
Variations on a Theme by Giovanni Paisiello – W. Holland

Romanze for Gitarre – N. Paganini – arr. L. Fuller

Travelling The World Together

La Aldera duerme (The Hamlet) – J.Turina
I Love Paris – C. Porter
Romanca d’ Espagna – A. Cano - arr. Hans Uwe Hielscher
Coimbra – R. Ferrao – arr. J. Haazen

May I Have This Dance

Stranger in Paradise – A. Borodin
A popular song from the 1953 musical “Kismet”.  Like the music in that show, the melody was based on Borodin’s “Gliding Dance of the maidens” from the Polovtsian Dances.
Pigalle Waltz – G.Ulmer – arr. G. de Waardt

Only Room for Two

The Harry Lime Theme from The Third Man – A. Karas

Only Room for TwoShe is Elegantly Beautiful

Romance – Anon – arr. L. Fuller

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