Through participation in the program 'A Home for the Workers', students will discover the stories of the real people who lived in the 150 year old stone cottage currently  known as Blundells Cottage. Students will explore the Cottage and its surrounds, comparing the landscape today and in the past to see how Canberra has changed over time. By actively engaging with hands-on objects, students will gain an insight into how families have lived in the Cottage over time, and how this is similar to, or different from their own lives today. Through the program, they will begin to develop an awareness of the historic significance of the Cottage as a reminder of the past before Canberra existed as a city, and throughout its development as our Capital.

Students will:

  • Develop an understanding of the importance of Blundells Cottage as a historic landmark to the Canberra community.
  • Compare today's standards of living to those of our past by exploring the impact of changing technology on peoples lives.
  • Interact with objects to gain a deeper understanding of how family life has changed over time.
  • Explore a range of sources from the past, identifying features and predicting their use.
  • Gain an appreciation of what the Cottage and the surrounding area reveals about the past.
  • Learn through stories of real families who have lived in the Cottage since it was first built in 1859.
  • Discover what life was like in the local area before the turn of the century, and the period since Canberra became the Capital.
  • Explore some of the reasons why people have moved to the Canberra area over the last 150 years.